Actichem Bathroom Cleaner All-surface Washroom Cleaner with Bio-Enzymes

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Actichem Bathroom Cleaner is an eco-friendly bathroom and washroom cleaner. It is a high performance cleaner powered by, biological products, including a blend of naturally occurring bacterial strains that breakdown washroom grime, eradicate bad odours and accelerate bio-degradation of organic debris.

✔ Cleans, refreshes & eliminates organic waste.
✔ Digests organic matter at the source and removes lime-scale.
✔ Destroys bad odours.
✔ Surfaces stay clean and repel dirt.

This environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner, is designed to be used on all surfaces in the washroom, including walls, floors and bathroom fittings. Bathroom Cleaner incorporates innovative enzyme and anti-resoiling technology to ensure that surfaces stay clean and repel dirt.

Available in 5L.

Safe for use on all bathroom surfaces, including walls, floors, chrome and glass.
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