Wagtail Hygienie Squeegee with Clip-on Absorbent Pad

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Wagtail Hygienie Squeegee has been developed in response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. This plastic squeegee effectively washes, wipes, cleans and leaves any flat surface dry and virus free.

Hygienie Kit is available for a cheaper price (what's included):

- 1x 14" (35cm) HYGIENIE SQUEEGEE
- 1x 7" (18cm) HYGIENIE MINI

It has a clip-on absorbent pad which cleans the surface by capturing the contaminated water as the rubber blade leaves the surface dry.

Scientific testing by Microbiologist Jonathan Natoli, using the hygiena EnSure Touch monitoring system, show that when a surface is cleaned and wiped dry using the WAGTAIL Hygienie there is 99.99% removal of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the enzyme present in saliva, blood and bacteria. 

Testing was carried out at a children’s playground and the ATP reading was 947 before cleaning and 0 (zero) after squeegeeing using the WAGTAIL Hygienie.

The same test was performed using a microfibre cloth and cleaning agent and the result came in at an alarming fail result of 547 on the monitoring system.

Hygienie Kit is available for cheaper price.

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