Diversey Taski JonMaster Ultra Mop System

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Taski Jonmaster Ultra Mop provides the effective and efficient use of unique microfibres, ergonomically designed handle to increase productivity and reduce operating costs, thus improving business profitability.

Jon Master Ultra Plus handles have been specifically designed for the professional Jonmaster cleaning system. Soft rubber grip makes handling very user-friendly prevents sliding when placed against walls or tables.  The ergonomic handle can be adjusted to the appropriate working height to allow the user to clean with little effort. Handles can be autoclaved for sterilization.

Jon Master Ultra Mop Frames are light-weight, durable, hard-wearing and thin to enable the operator to reach beneath low surfaces. The unique integrated locking device regulates the speed at which the mop frame turns,simplifying mopping of walls and ceilings.

JonMaster Ultra Damp Mop 25 & 40cm - Premium high quality microfibre damp mop developed for daily mopping in areas with a high hygiene demand. Guaranteed up to 800 washes. Colour coded for hygienic cleaning; blue for general areas, red for restrooms and yellow for Infectious/Discharge cleans, theatres.

JonMaster Pro Glass Mop 25 cm - Mop with fine microfibres for removing the smallest dust particles, dirt and grease from windows, mirrors and hard, polished surfaces including stainless steel.

Jonmaster Ultra dry mop 40cm, green - Premium high quality, 100% microfibre dry mop. Use dry for environments with high demands for dust reduction. Guaranteed to last for 500 washes. Nordic Swan Certified.

TASKI Jonmaster Ultra damp mop, yellow - Premium high quality microfibre damp mop constructed from ultra fine fibres for excellent dirt pick up and superior cleaning results. Proven to remove 99.99% of bacteria and guaranteed to last for 800 washes. Colour-coded for hygienic cleaning. Nordic Swan Certified.

Jonmaster Ultra HD Red 40cm - ACTEX high quality microfibre heavy duty damp mop for structured floors, 500 washes. Colour-coded for hygienic cleaning, red.

Jonmaster Pro scouring mop 40cm - The polyamide structure mop with diagonal polyester stripes provides an excellent scrubbing effect. Developed for direct mopping of smooth and structured hard floors and walls with a normal to high dirt level.