OurFresh Air Freshener - Solution to Metered Aerosol

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Are you tired of putting up with metered aerosol’s clouds of wet, sticky solvents and propellants? Try OurFresh Air Freshener, the modern solution to metered aerosol.

Why End Users Want to Buy It?

.... simply because it works
- Fragrance is consistent, no peaks and valleys
- Provides 2X more fragrance than metered
- It’s cost effective
- The dispenser is sleek and modern
- Eco-friendly refills
- No propellants
- Biodegradable
- Cleaner- no sticky liquids or gels
- Contains an odor neutralizer so it doesn’t mask odors, it eliminates them
- Easy to refill

What's great with OurFresh Air Freshener?
- Dry Fragrance Technology Liquid- free, leaves no sticky residue
- Eco Friendly Refills 100% recyclable containing biodegradable additive and is VOC compliant
- Superior 30-Day Performance Consistent fragrance release from day 1 to day 30
- Easy to Refill -  Hang approximately 6 ft. high in the center of the space; no need for a ladder
- Available in 7 fragrances
- Contains the Odor Neutralizer Pro-Assure

OurFresh Dispenser provides up to 2x more fragrance than metered aerosol. Plus, it offers a much more consistent fragrance release from Day 1 to Day 30.

Dry Fragrance Inserts - Liquid free, dry fragrance inserts release the right amount of light, appealing fragrance, reducing fragrance overload, and eliminating floor residue.

What's Unique with this? Smart & Efficient Technology - Innovative Smart program ensures an equal fragrance release over 30 days. Contains a light sensor to conserve battery life so the unit only works when the room is in use. The smart chip controls the programming so the fan runs sparingly in week 1 and gradually turns more frequently over the 4 week period, helping release the same amount of air freshener daily over 30 days. Where to Use OurFresh Air Freshener? Great for medium spaces. Medium Space Example = 2-4 stall restroom (approximately 100 - 250 sq. feet)
OurFresh Air Freshener for Conference Rooms

For conference rooms

OurFresh Air Freshener for Hallways

For Hallways

OurFresh Air Freshener for Lobbies

For Lobbies

OurFresh Air Freshener for Restrooms

For Restrooms

OurFresh Air Freshener vs Metered Aerosol

OurFresh Air Freshener

Metered Aerosol

Dry Fragrance - no sticky liquids

Liquid refills - sticky floors, gets on a passer-byers

Contains an odour eliminator - Pro-assure

Mask Odours

100% recyclable and biodegradable
Contains propellants/solvents carriers and cannot
be recycled
Easy to refill - mount at head level (about
6 ft up from the floor)

Need a ladder to replace the refill
Dry fragrance particles are lighter so they more
efficiently and fragrance lasts longer
Liquid particles are heavier so they drop quickly to
the floor so there is no fragrance
Fragrance lasts and is consistent throughout the
Fragrance is strong then dissipates quickly so it's
extremely inconsistent
Easy to see LCD screen and audible alert
when to replace
Tiny red light is difficult to see and it's up high
Looks sleek and modern
Same clunky look for the last 20 years
Refills are extremely affordable
Refills can be expensive
Only fresh refills work in the dispenser
Aerosol dispensers and cans are all interchangeable

Tech Specs

Ø Light Activated – Only runs when the lights are on
Ø Requires one C Alkaline Battery
Ø Removing the battery starts the program over at day one
Ø GREEN light blinks when fan is running, RED light blinks when battery
is low or on day 30
Ø The word ‘REPLACE’ flashes on day 30
Ø An audible beep begins on day 33 if the refill and battery have not
been replaced


Ø Metered Air can be replaced by anyone. You make
no money b/c you get no refills
Ø OF is eco friendly, recyclable, dry fragrance
Ø Contains odor neutralizing additives (think
Ø The program runs all the time but the fan will only
run when the lights are on
Ø Removing the battery starts the program timing
over at day one
Ø Uses 1 C-alkaline battery
Ø Green light blinks when the fan runs
Ø Red light blinks
Ø On day 30
Ø When the battery is low (lower than 1.0 V)
Ø ‘REPLACE’ message flashes on day 30

Audible beep begins on day 33 and sounds every 3 minutes
Ø There is a button to turn off the audible beep
Ø Default setting is ON
Program Ø Runs every 6 minute
Day 1-4 spins for 2 seconds
Day 5-7 spins for 5 seconds
Day 8-10 spins for 15 seconds
Day 11-13 spins for 60 seconds
Ø Runs every 3 minutes
Day 14-16 spins 180 seconds (3 mins.)
Day 17-20 spins 300 seconds (5 mins.)
Day 21-24 spins 360 seconds (6 mins.)
Day 24-30 spins 420 seconds (7 mins.)
Where to Mount Mount approximately 6 feet up from the floor
Ø More at nose level for better fragrance delivery
Ø Easy to change, no ladder required- time is money
Ø Can see the LCD screen so its easy to know when to change itwill result in more regular refilling
Ø Most metered don’t get refilled regularly because they are up too high, no one can see the tiny flashing red light
Ø Will be far enough away from any exhaust fans to avoid the
fragrance being sucked up

Not at the door
Ø This philosophy is old and was made for metered to provide a burst of fragrance when the user entered and exited the
restroom because metered doesn’t fill the entire space. More
importantly, that is not when users need the fragrance, they
need it while they are using the restroom and washing their
Ø Place at the center of the room or if multiple ourfresh is
required, space them evenly throughout

Will it get stolen at that reachable level?
Ø Maybe
Ø Screws and anchors are included for a more permanent solution
Hazard Statement(s): H332 - Harmful if Inhaled 
H319 - Causes serious eye 
H336 – May cause drowsiness 
or dizziness. 
H222 – Extremely flammable aerosol. 
H280 - Contains gas under pressure; may explode if