SYR Rapid Mop Bucketless Mopping System

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SYR Rapid Mop Bucketless Mopping provides controllable moisture, to give smear free dry floors. This light and mobile mop is ideal for daytime cleaning in lightly soiled areas. Rapid Mop is 1450mm long.

- Select which colour coded ring is required and place on handle. The simple and effective way to designate your mop to specific colour coded cleaning areas.

- Simply unscrew top and pour in water or  SYR Rapid Mop solution into the lightweight handle’s 480ml internal reservoir.

- Simply add your choice of SYR 40cm flat mop with quick and easy hook and loop attachment.

- Press the thumb operated spray control at the top of the handle to direct the spray onto the floor ahead of the Rapid Mop as you go.

Available Pads:

Microfibre Pad for highly effective cleaning. Launderable microfibre flat mop head.  40cm cleaning width. Sleeve can easily be attached to Rapid Mop Frame.

Hi Performance Damp Mop Pad - Microfibre, with its ultra fine split fibre technology, absorbs up to 8 times its own weight in dirt, dust and moisture. Efficient mopping with little or no chemicals. Can be washed and re-used, up to 500 times. High performance with enhanced scrub action - ideal for kitchens and heavily soiled areas

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