SYR Snapper Flat Mopping System

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If you are looking for efficient mopping system for cleaning hard wood floors, walls and windows, SYR Snapper Flat Mopping System is for you! It can be used with little or no chemicals. Microfibre collects up to 8 times its own weight in dirt and moisture.

SYR Snapper Flat Mop Holder has a unique SYR folding break-frame design, Interchange compatible handle fitting. SYR snapper flat mop holders are easy to use at the push of a clip. As well as hard floors, because of the shape and design, you can also clean stairs and back boards.Microfibre Flat Mop Head is fast and effective, launderable, easily fits the SYR snapper flat mop holder as shown in the flat mop holder video.


Handle -  25mm dia x 1370mm long
Microfibre Holder - 40cm
Microfibre Head - 40cm

What are you getting? SYR940872-RR-S  Interchangeable Handle Red
SYR940873-BB-S  Interchangeable Handle Blue
SYR940874-YY-S  Interchangeable Handle Yellow
SYR940875-GG-S Interchangeable Handle Green

SYR993948 Microfibre Flat Mop Head 40cm Red
SYR993949 Microfibre Flat Mop Head 40cm Blue
SYR993950 Microfibre Flat Mop Head 40cm Green
SYR993951 Microfibre Flat Mop Head 40cm Yellow

SYR994651 Snapper Flat Mop Holder 40cm Red
SYR994652 Snapper Flat Mop Holder 40cm Blue
SYR994653 Snapper Flat Mop Holder 40cm Green
SYR994654 Snapper Flat Mop Holder 40cm Yellow
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