White Magic Eco Cloth Kitchen 32 x 32cm

White Magic
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White Magic Eco Cloth Microfibre Kitchen Cloth is #'s microfibre cloth with a blend of Koren microfibre which is ultra absorbent and more aggressive for dirt. It is combined with a unique blend of charcoal yarn that inhibits the growth of bacteria so avoiding cloth odour and contamination of food preparation areas.

Perfect for cleaning benchtops, kitchen table, cooktop, sink, etc.
- Picks up 99.9% of Bacteria (Tested by Silliker Australia).
- Cleans with just water.
- No need for any harmful chemicals.
- Made with Charcoal Yarn that inhibits bacteria growth and reduces odour.
- Machine washable at least 300 times.
- Faster and more efficient cleaning.
- Grey colour suits the decor of all kitchens.

How to use

  1. Use cloth wet
  2. Fold into quarters
  3. Wipe over surface in a circular direction to remove dirt

Where to use

  • Bench Top
  • Kitchen Table
  • Cook Top
  • Sink

Size: 32 x 32cm
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