Oates Microezy Semi-Disposable Microfibre Cloth 30x 30cm

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Oates Microezy Semi-Disposable Microfibre Cloth is a cost effective, low lint, 20x washable cloth, for best cleaning results at sites with limited access to a laundry.

Features and Benefits:

- Reduce chemical consumption
- Very low fibre shedding with ultrasonically cut edges
- Handy format for easy use - no folding
- Dispenser box design provides easy removal of cloths one by one
- Quantity remaining in the box is easily visible
- Full Colour Coding
- Can be laundered 20x
- Microfibre cleaning performance

You can Save more if you buy 4 Cartons for as low as $100, plus you can mixed colours.

Size 30 x 30cm each cloth

50 pcs/Carton

Colours Blue, Red, Green and Yellow