Eco Basics Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Bamboo Cloth 3 Pack

White Magic
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White Magic Eco Basics Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Bamboo cloth is highly absorbent, perfect for bench top, kitchen table, cooktop, sinks and electrical devices.

- natural all-purpose cleaning cloth
- 100% bamboo fibre,
- 100% biodegradable when disposed off
- antibacterial, odour and stain resistant
- 300x machine washable

Buy this eco-friendly, re-usable cleaning bamboo cloth for a natural way to get rid of kitchen messes, and to get reduce paper towel consumption and waste!

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with cold or warm water with small amount of laundry detergent or liquid.
Do not wring.
Do not scrub.
Do not use fabric softener.

Size 18 x 23cm x3
Made in China
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