Tork Universal Toilet Paper Jumbo Roll 650M x 6

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Tork® Jumbo Toilet Rolls are the most economical refills in the range providing a good quality paper at an affordable price.

Climate Change

Many businesses are taking action and setting goals in relation to climate change, ethical sourcing and waste management. We encourage customers to undertake due diligence to ensure your products are responsible and sustainable in terms of sourcing, production and throughout the full product life cycle. 
Over the last 100 years, scientists have observed that the Earth’s climate has rapidly changed. The Bureau of Meteorology and NIWA data shows the average temperature in Australia and New Zealand has risen approximately 1°C since 1910. 
Even this slight change can have a significant impact. Activities, like burning fossil fuels, deforestation and agriculture are major causes of climate change. The burning of fossil fuels release carbon dioxide (CO2) into the earth’s atmosphere. Combined with other greenhouse gases, CO2 prevents solar radiation from escaping, and raises the temperature.
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