800W 240V Booster Pump

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Boost your water pressure by 66psi with this tough 800W 240V booster pump complete with RCD switch. You can run this before or after your DI or RO system.  The pump is compatible with a tank and work as a well pump, also with a pressure regulator and work as a booster pump.  Portable stainless steel with safe, convenient and Waterproof on/off switch and easy carry handle for portability.

> RCD switch
> Brass hose connectors
> 900 Gallon Per Hour rating tackles any draining job at a short of time.
> Electric Centrifugal Clear Water Pump
> Adds  66 PSI water pressure.

If you don’t have access to power, combine with 2000W Generator.


The max. suction height is 7m/23ft and it takes some time before automatic pumping.
Adding some pilotage water to the head of the pump will help accelerate the flow rate of inlet. The closer the distance between the water inlet pipe and the pump is, the better the pumping effect is.
Impurities are not allowed in the water and there will be a jam if the diameter is more than 1mm.
There is a de-watering outlet designed for draining the left water in the machine if it will not be in use for a long term.
Water Inlet and outlet need to be sealed up when you connect them to pipes.

Material: Metal/Plastic
Weight: 11.5kg
Power: 800W
Voltage/Frequency: 240V/50 Hz
Max pressure: 66 PSI
Capacity: 3500 L/H
Max. Flow Rate: 900GPH