Graffiti Stripper - Graffiti Remover for Interior and Exterior Surfaces

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Graffiti Stripper is an effective, quick, strong, biodegradable liquid graffiti remover for use on exterior and interior surfaces. Great to use in the removal of spray paint, markers, inks, crayon and more from bricks, concrete, bins, street signs, painted masonry, post boxes, slate, marble, granite, stucco, terracotta, timber, fences, glass and many other surfaces.


Brick walls
Street signs
Painted masonry

Removes spray paint, markers, inks & crayons
Fast acting
Spray on - Rinse off
Does not remove painted surface beneath


Simply spray on and rinse off with water. Graffiti Stripper safely penetrates the surface to remove the contaminant. It will not remove the painted substrate. Cyndan Graffiti Stripper may be rinsed with a pressured water sprayer eliminating need for a water source.

Note that graffiti becomes harder to remove the longer it is left to cure. It is recommend to apply Graffiti Stripper as soon as possible to remove the markings, preferably within 48 hours of the attack for easier and more effective removal.