Uniters Wood Care Kit - Cleans Protects and Enhances

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What is the best way to care and maintain for wood furniture? Uniters Wood Care Kit contains all the products you need to clean, maintain and protect wood furniture safely and effectively.

Uniters Wood Cleaner cleans away soils and residue from professional furniture and hard surfaces deeply without leaving smears or scratches. It is a quick, efficient, environmentally safe, economical and designed to get the job done.

Uniters Wood Polish (with beeswax and oil) protects and enhances the natural beauty of your timber furniture.  It is designed for shiny gloss and semi-gloss finishes like mahogany, and some cherry and maple pieces.

Reveal the natural beauty of your wood furniture by providing them with the gentle and patient care and attention they need.

Suitable for: Timber furniture

Kit Contents - 225 ml Wood Cleaner
- 225 ml Wood Polish
- 3 Soft Cloths
- Care Instructions
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