Uniters Nubuck Leather Eco Care Kit

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If you are looking for an all-in-one kit to clean, protect, and maintain your delicate nubuck and suede leathers, Uniters Nubuck Leather Eco Care Kit is the answer!

- Regular cleaning and maintenance.
-  Protection from water, oil an alcohol-based stains.
- Removing water-based stains and heavy soiling

Nubuck Eco Protector is a water-based product that helps prevent stains without affecting the soft, buttery feel of the
leather. Nubuck Cleaning Cloths are perfect for dry cleaning, removing spots and restoring the leather’s nap. Nubuck Cleaner removes heavy soiling and water-based stains.

Suitable for: nubuck and suede.

Kit Contents:
- 2 x 225 ml nubuck Eco Protector
- 250 ml nubuck Cleaner
- 2 nubuck Cleaning Cloths
- 1 Sponge
- Care Instructions
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