Leather Master Ink Stop Water-Based Protection from Ink and Dye

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Leather Master Ink Stop is formulated for the prevention of "Ball Point" pen ink and from penetrating the top surface of the leather.  It provides an excellent protection against water based, oil based and alcohol stains, protection against wear and tear, perspiration and greasy skin marks.


- Suitable for use on dark coloured
- Long lasting protection against ink
- Quick and easy to apply.
- Improves the feel of the leather and vinyl.
- Provides added protection from dye transfer.

Ink Stop will prevent up to 80% of ink marks if used in recommended frequency cycles.

Protects against: Ink stains, dye transfer, general soiling, and water oil and alcohol -based stains
Available 150ml, 1L, 60 wipes tub

TIPS: Because of Ink Stop’s friction reducing properties, it can be applied to oil pull-up leathers to help
prevent scratch marks. It will also help prevent light scratching on pigmented leather. Ink Stop provides some protection from dye transfer, however for superior protection against dye transfer we recommend Leather Barrier.

Ink Stop should not be applied thickly, we recommend applying two thin coats – allow to dry between coats.

Reapplication: Commercial seating – reapply every 40 days, or after cleaning with a leather cleaner
Domestic seating – reapply every 3 months, or after cleaning with a leather cleaner
Suitable for: Pigmented leather, oil pull-up leather and vinyl.
Drying time: 30 minutes
Coverage:  250 ml will treat approximately 25-35 seats/one wipe will treat approximately 1-2 seats

Use with:
- Leather Protection Cream
- Leather Soft Cleaner
- Ink Away
- Ink Killer Gel