Leather Master Strong Remover Solvent-Based Stripper

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Leather Master Strong Remover is a solvent-based stripper that removes the finish and the underlying colour.  It does not dry out or harden the leather unlike other solvent-based strippers. It is great in major repair, restoration work such as peeling or deeply cracked pigmented leather.

- To strip the finish and colour from pigmented leather in preparation for recolouring and
- To clean and prepare aniline leather for recolouring

Suitable for: Suitable for pigmented and aniline leather
Skill require: Experience required

Strong Remover can also be used on aniline leather that requires deep cleaning and preparation
before an application of new colour. Please read the safety data on the label carefully before using this
product. Available in 250ml and 1L sizes.

Use with:
- A suitable leather colour
-  A suitable pre-bottom
-  A suitable finish