Leather Master Soft Remover Solvent-Based Remover Dry Cleaning Fluid

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Leather Master Soft Remover is a solvent-based cleaner to remove surface grease and dirt particles in the surface finish before re-coloring with Leather Colour . This remover is used to prepare leather for repair. Can be used as a dry-cleaning fluid or remover.

- To prepare pigmented leather for repairs.
- As a last resort stain remover.

- Fast acting.
-  Versatile, multi-use product.
- Will not dry or harden leather.

When used on pigmented leather, Soft Remover will weaken the finish so that colours or finishes can penetrate and adhere to the leather. It can also be used – with care – to remove heavy soiling and difficult stains from pigmented, aniline and nubuck leathers.

Type: Solvent based remover
Suitable for: Suitable for pigmented leather, aniline leather and nubuck
Skill require: Experience required

Available as 250ml and 1L.

TIPS: Soft Remover will usually cause the finish of pigmented leather to turn milky or cloudy once dry.
Applying pigment colour is the only way to resolve this.

Leather removers can also be used as a last resort stain removal option for aniline leather and nubuck –
keep in mind that you may need to recolour the affected area depending on the colour fastness of the
leather. Soft Remover is excellent for removing stubborn stains and soiling from light-coloured aniline
leathers. It can also be used to remove residue from adhesive tape.

Soft Remover should not be used on leather that has suffered severe damage caused by sunlight. Always
pre-test before use. Please read the safety data on the label carefully before using this product.