Leather Master Nubuck Cleaning Cloths - Dry Cleaning Cloths

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Nubuck Cleaning Cloths are the easiest way in removing soiled spots from Nubuck Leather - does not require any liquid. These drying cloths remove surface soiling, and the fattening and matting commonly caused by body oils.

1. To dry clean nubuck, suede and microfibre.
2. To restore the nap to nubuck.
3. To spot clean nubuck, suede and microfibre.

- Quick and easy to use.
-  No liquids necessary.
- Will not leave water marks or alter the look of the leather, so you can remove marks and stains
without the need to clean seam-to-seam.

Excellent in spot cleaning nubuck such as clothin, shoes, and small areas on furniture. Suitable for suede and microfibre.

Type: Cloth embedded with dry cleaning compound
Cleaning power: Mild
Recommended Use: Every 1–3 months for domestic furniture, as needed, for commercial furniture
Suitable for: Nubuck, suede and microfibre

Available as cloth and sponge, pack of cloths, by the meter (width 35cm), Nubuck Care Kit.

Use with:
Nubuck Eco Protector, Nubuck Aerosol Protector, Nubuck Cleaner