Nubuck Cleaner Water-based pH Neutral Stain Remover

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Nubuck Cleaner is designed to gently remove stains and heavy soiling from nubuck and other sensitive leathers. Since Nubuck is a sensitive leather, you should only use liquid cleaner when needed.


1. to remove heavy soiling and water-based stains from nubuck and suede

1. Water-based, pH neutral.
2. Gentle on even the most sensitive leathers.
3. Will not leave marks or spots on the leather when the leather is cleaned seam-to-seam.

Type: water-based stain remover for nubuck
Recommended Use: as needed
Suitable for: Suede and Nubuck
Available in 1L and Nubuck Care Kit

TIPS:  When any liquid is applied to nubuck, the colour  will change, even water, so whenever you clean
nubuck furniture with a liquid cleaner you will need to clean from seam-to -seam to ensure the colour
remains even. For regular cleaning and spot removal, we recommend the Nubuck Cloth.

To prevent over wetting the leather, make sure you apply Nubuck Cleaner as a foam, not a liquid. To create foam, apply Nubuck Cleaner to a sponge and squeeze until the product foams, or use a foaming bottle.

Use with:
- Nubuck Eco Protector
-  Nubuck Cleaning Cloth
- Foaming bottle