Unger erGo! Clean - Ultra-Fast Floor Cleaning Tool

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Absolutely a complete solution for efficient floor cleaning! Experience the intuitive S-shaped motion with minimal effort, fast, ergonomic and professional cleaning with Unger erGo! Clean.  Makes cleaning employees work easier, reduces back, shoulders, joint pains for cleaners being put under extreme strain.

• First-class materials guaranteeing a long service life
• Robust tool for long-term use
• Sophisticated product design for intuitive handling

• Ready-to-use immediately
• No lengthy preparation, such as filling buckets, required
• Cleaning chemicals can be replaced in a matter of seconds.

• Reduces the extreme strain placed upon employees
and prevents work-related musculoskeletal diseases
• No lifting and carrying of heavy buckets
• Significantly less effort required for use

The telescopic handle of the UNGER erGO! clean floor cleaning system can be precisely adjusted to the height of the operator which protects his/her back during cleaning work.  With the new erGO! clean floor cleaning system, cleaners can now efficiently manage large scale floor cleaning tasks in which buckets and carts are used.

Thanks to its high quality components, such as the flat mop with the latest microfibre technology, combining high water absorption with excellent glide properties, both cleaning performance and area coverage increase. By means of the simple and intuitive handling with little training effort, the job is made easier and faster, thus saving much valuable time.

Available Kits:

1. PAUNFAKT10 - Ergo Clean Complete Set Velcro Mop ( this is to be used with bucket)

- A telescopic pole adjusts to the height of each user
- A unique pole with auto-drive rotating grip reduces stress and repetitive strains on wrists, shoulders and waist
- Compatible with all UNGER floor mop holders or all 21 mm diameter mop holders
- Ready-to-use at any time and anywhere
- Ensures the proper S-motion

Kit Includes:
PAUNFAPLW – S-Telescopic pole without trigger
         - Ensures the proper S-motion
         - Compatible with all Unger Floor Mop holders or all 21mm diameter mop holders
         - Height Adjustable 1.30 - 1.70m
PAUNFAVMH – Velcro Mop Holder 40 cm
For all standard Velcro Mops
         - Fast and easy use
         - Snap-in device for the erGo! Poles
PAUNFAVMC – Microfibre Velcro Mop 40 cm

2. PAUNFAKT2 - erGO! clean Floor Cleaning Kit Velcromop PRO ( No need for bucket of water)

- A unique S-curved pole with auto-drive rotating grips reduces stress and repetitive strains on wrists, shoulders and waist
- A telescopic pole, adjusts to the height of each user
- Integrated trigger dispenses liquid quickly
- A detachable and interchangeable bottle for chemicals
- No need for a bucket of water
- Allows the user to switch from one chemical to another, and move to different areas quickly with the same tool
- No need to rinse the tool
- Ready-to-use at any time and anywhere

Kit includes:

- S-Telescopic handle
- Interchangeable 1 litre bottle
- Microfibre velcro backed mop pad with colour coding tabs
- Aluminium velcro mop holder
- Colour coding rings for bottles

For longer use of this amazing tool, we also provide replacement products.

PAUNFABAP - erGO! clean backpack includes a refillable pouch, hose and pulse-jet-unit- Includes a 5 litre refillable pouch- Integrated waist belt for a secure fit and comfort- Soft and thick shoulder straps for comfort- Allows one worker to apply and distribute the cleaning solution in one step

PAUNFABAR - erGO Backpack Replacement Pouch 5L

PAUNFABTL - ergo Clean Replacement Tank 1L
PAUNFABTS  - ergo Clean Replacement Tank 500ml

- high precision dosing mechanism and nozzle ensures the cleaning solution is applied with the right amount directly at the place where it is needed
- removes the need of bucket for water
- Quick and easy to refill 1L/500ML bottle with Pulse-Jet unit.
- Detachable bottle kit, quick to interchange
- no clogging, no flushing, required and no rusting
- filling level measurement guide

PAUNFAORS - Ergo Durable Plastic Colour Coding Rings
- Use to help identify specific cleaning solutions or cleaning areas to prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process

PAUNFAVAS - Ergo Pulse Jet Unit  - for precise dosing

PAUNFAVMC - Ergo Microfibre Velcromop 40cm  - 7-8mm thick looped pile microfiber mop pad
- Colour coding tabs to highlight specific cleaning areas and prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process
- Reduces bacteria up to 96%
- Made of durable, 100% polyester microfiber
- Velcro backing securely attaches to UNGER velcromop holder (FAVMH)
- Compatible to all standard 40cm Velcro mops

PAUNQS010  - erGO Wonder Waxer Sleeve 40cm
- Perfect for finishing floors.
- Distributing wax without soaking it up.
- Up to 300 wash cycles.
- Lint-free material for perfect results.

PAUNQS020 - erGO WonderWaxer Holder 40cm
- Light aluminium holder for WonderWaxer sleeve 40 cm
- Stabilisation hooks for straight fit of the sleeve.
- For floor finishing.
- Click connection for erGO! handles.

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Please see video below on how to use Unger erGo! Ultra-Fast Cleaning System.