Complete range of Unger window squeegees, window washers, squeegee handles, rubbers, etc

Pro Handle with Rubber Grip

• Comfortable: Ergonomically designed handle.
• Simple: Clip lock, quick channel change.
• Convenient: Fits on telescopic pole

Unger Brass Golden Clip Channel & Rubber with Clips

Unger Golden Clip Channel for use with Golden Clip and Golden Pro Squeegee handles. Complete with ErgoTec Soft Rubber and plastic end clips.


Unger ErgoTec SwivelLoc Handle

Unger ErgoTec SwivelLoc handle is a problem solver for hard-to-reach places. Swivel squeegee head, freely adjustable and lockable.


Unger Visa Versa Combination Tool

Work up to 20% faster with strip washer and squeegee in one. Features patented water wells for high water retention. Quick spring release for easy blade change. Accepts both stainless steel and brass channels.


Unger Easy Glider Rubber

Unger Easy Glider Rubber is a replacement rubber for window squeegees is made with a new process. Our natural molded
rubber provides a sharp, long-lasting edge.


Unger Micro Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve

Unger Micro Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve uses Microfibre technology with millions of little fibres which removes dirt and grime better, makes rinsing dirt from the sleeve even easier.


Unger Strip Washer Monsoon Plus Replacement Sleeve

Unger Strip Washer Monsoon Sleeve is extra heavy-duty woven fabric provides maximum water holding and superior water releasing capability.


Unger Strip Washer Original Sleeve

Unger Strip Washer Original Sleeve plush, woven synthetic fabric is machine washable. Reinforced zigzag stitched ends ensures long life. Also excellent for cleaning screens and dusting.


Unger Strip Washer -Ruf-Face Replacement Sleeve

Unger Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve. plush, woven synthetic fabric is machine washable. Features a rough textured, non-abrasive nylon cleaning pad on one side. Reinforced zigzag stitching for longer life.


Unger Swivel Strip Washer T-Bar Handle

Aluminium T-bar with nylon handle is adjustable and can be locked into seven different positions. Sleeve sold separately.


Unger Ergo Handle Extension

Unger Ergo Handle Extension is a single extension pole used for those windows just out of reach. Light and easy to use.

Unger Maxi Scraper 10cm

Unger Maxi Scraper is an ergonomic handle, rubber-coated. Blade protection cap ensures safety. With razor-edge and blunt-edge

Unger Pro Trim Scraper

Unger Pro Trim small and convenient - pocket sized blade.

Pack of 25

Unger Trim 100mm Scraper

Unger Trim 100mm Scraper is a double-edged blade made from tempered Swedish steel. Conforms to glass for professional results. Use hand-held or lock into PROHANDLE to use with pole.

Unger Ergotec 4" Short Handle Scraper

Reversible tempered 10cm steel blade has blunt edge for cement or stucco work and a razor edge for scraping paint and tape.Two component handle with rubber insert to stop slipping also improves comfort in the hand.

Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper

Unger Ergotec Long Handle Scraper is Lightweight and rugged scraper features 120cm handle and zinc scraper head. Angled 10cm blade has blunt and razor edges.

Pack of 10

Blade For Unger Short and Long Handled Scraper

Effective: Sharp edge for removal of glue and carpet, for instance. Blunt edge for removal of stucco and severe dirt. It comes in a pack of 10.

Unger Ergo Safety Scraper

Ergonomic scraper with safety mechanism.

Unger Safety Scraper

Unger Safety Scraper is a stainless steel scraper. Unique locking system helps prevent blades from dangerously sliding open while working.

Unger Safety Scraper Blades

Effective: Razor edge (one side). Safe: Single edge razor blade with alu holder. Convenient: Easy to replace.


Unger Teleplus Pole System

Unger Teleplus PoleMade of anodised extruded aluminium, our unique modular system allows you to build the length you want up to 9.0 metres! Snap-in threaded cone included.

Unger Fixi-Clamp

Unger Fixi-Clamp is made of fibreglass reinforced nylon. Innovative design quickly and easily grips sponges, rags, cloths, mop heads and Handi-Brush.

Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adaptor

Unger Cranked Joint Angle Adaptor is made of nylon. Lightweight and durable. Adjust tools to clean at any angle up to 300°.

Holster ErgoTec Scraper Unger

Fits all Unger scrapers. One large compartment for ErgoTec Scraper. A medium size compartment for Trim Safety Scraper or extra blades.


Unger BigPro Bucket 22 Litre

Heavy-duty 22 Litre bucket with larger footprint for increased stability. Easily fits 18" washer. Rounded pour spouts on 2 corners make it easy to empty with more control.

Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper

Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper with ergonomic bi-component handle and protective cover. New comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic and durable design.

Unger SpeedClean Window Cleaning Kit

For use with your standard extension poles to reach high interior windows. The Unger SpeedClean Kit gives you Drip-Free Window Cleaning.

Unger HiFlo Aluminium Pad Holder 8" 250mm

Euro-threaded, Unger 8" aluminum pad holder with a swivel head. Attach the available 8" Unger White Scrub Pad, Microfiber Polish Pad, and Microfiber Wash Pad to your pole. Also accepts 6" x 9" scrubbing pads.

Unger Microfibre Polishing Pad 8" 20cm

This 8" 200mm Unger Microfiber Polish Pad is ideal for maintenance cleaning and final polish.

Unger Microfiber Wash Pad 8" 20cm

This 8" Unger Microfiber Wash pad is excellent for deep cleaning and scrubbing.

Unger Scrub Pad 8" 20cm

Use this Unger 8" 200mm standard white scrub pad for cleaning difficult substances.

Blade for Unger ErgoTec Carbon 6" pack 25

Replacement blades for ErgoTec glass scraper. Laquer coated, carbon steel, double edge, double honed. Blades are individually wrapped in paper to prevent rust, and come in a reusable plastic telescoping case

Scraper Cover ErgoTec Glass 150mm

Replacement cover for the ErgoTec Glass Scraper 15. Snaps onto head for safety and storage

Scraper Track ErgoTec Glass 150mm

Replacement blade holder insert

Unger Springs for Nylon Pole Tip

Unger Adapter Angle Alum ACME

Unger Collar Small Complete

Unger Collar Large Complete

HiFlo Euro Tip Thread Adapter

Unger Euro threaded pole tip. Fits OptiLoc or Tele-Plus pole.

Unger Grip for #5 Add n Arm Section

Unger Collar Locking Inside Small

The inside piece of the Unger Opti-Loc Collar.

Unger Collar Locking Inside Large

The inside piece of the Unger Opti-Loc Collar.

Waterwand Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee

Waterwand Heavy Duty can be used with aluminium handles. Soft, twin foam rubber blades conform to uneven surfaces leaving floors dry. Adjustable socket accepts most 22mm handles.


Waterwand Standard Floor Squeegee 55cm

Heavy-duty galvanised steel construction floor squeegee with twin foam rubber blades. Moss rubber has two wiping edges.

Unger Window Cleaning Kit in Display Box

Unger Window Cleaning kit packed in an attractive transparent display box.

Unger Razor Blades 4.5cm 1.5” in Handy Dispenser Pack of 10

Easy Pocket Sized to carry around, Single Edged Pocket-sized case holds No. 9 Grade Thickness blades. 10 pack.

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Window Scraper

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Scraper is fast, safe, and compatible, most versatile window scraper in the market. The easy clip secures the handle in place and prevents from falling out. Available in 4" or 6" sizes.


Unger nLite One Telescopic Fibreglass Poles

Unger nLite One Telescopic Fibreglass Poles has a compact collapsed size which makes this ideal for ground level work and transportation in smaller vehicles.  Comprising four sections, the pole extends to 4.5 metres and is recommended for working at heights of up to 9m.

UNGER Classic Holster - Green

UNGER Classic Holster is an ideal tool holder for the Safety Scraper, squeegee and strip Washer. It has quick on and off snap hook.