Leather Protection Cream

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Leather Protection Cream is a water-based protection cream for all types of leather except nubuck and suede. It protects from soiling and guards against oil, water and alcohol stains as well as everyday dirt and grime.

- Water-based
- Quick and easy to apply
- Does not affect the look and feel of the leather
- Long lasting protection
- Increases the softness of the leather
- Removes light scratches from aniline and pull-up leathers

1. To protect leather from general soiling.
2. To protect leather from water, oil and alcohol-based stains.
3. To protect leather from the damaging affects of sweat and body oils
Though no product can guarantee 100% protection, Leather Cream protection prevents majority of the soiling and making those stains easier to remove. It will also keep your leather lovely and soft, and when used regularly prevents pigmented leather from cracking. Available in 250ml, 1L, 5L, Single Wipes, and Tub of 60 Wipes. Unlike the bottles of Protection Cream, the wipes are convenient enough to carry in your car.

Protects against: Water, alcohol and oil-based stains
 Domestic Seating - Every 3-6 months, or after cleaning with a leather cleaner
 Commercial Seating - reapply every 40 days, or after cleaning with a leather cleaner
Drying time: 4-5 minutes touch dry/ 30 minutes completely cured
Coverage: 250 ml will treat approximately 35-45 seats/each wipe will treat approximately 2-3 seats

Suitable for: Pigmented, aniline and pull-up leathers
Use with: Leather Soft Cleaner

TIPS: Leather Protection Cream does not need to be applied thickly, a thin coat applied to the contact areas (seats, headrests, footrests, armrest etc) is all that is required. For light coloured leathers or leather that receives heavy use, we recommend applying two thin coats – allow to dry between coats.

1. Shake the bottle well before use.
2. Pre-test on a concealed area of your sofa.
3. Pour a small amount of Leather Protection Cream onto a soft, clean
cloth and apply to the surface of the leather evenly. Repeat on areas
subject to heavy use: armrests, seats and backrests.
4. Leave about 30 minutes to dry.
5. Buff the leather lightly using a clean, soft cloth.

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