Betasan P Max Sanitary Waste Unit Sanitiser Sachet

250 Sachets
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Betasan P-Max Sanitary Waste Unit Sanitiser Sachet  was developed through combining existing vapour release technology with a blend of natural biocidal compounds and biodegradable materials to give a highly effective, long lasting and eco-friendly feminine waste unit sanitiser.

It offers a germicidal protection for our Femcare Sanitary Disposal Unit. It works via vapour action to disinfect and sanitize the sanitary waste unit. The specially selected lightweight carrier clings to the liner to give maximum coverage in the unit.  The anti-microbial vapours permeate the whole unit and are effective even when the unit is full.

P-Max is made using low energy processes, using recycled materials where possible to minimise the impact of the product manufacturing on the environment.

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