Dri-Eaz Activo Ozone Generator

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The ActivO ozone generator from Dri-Eaz allows you to safely and efficiently removes odors from smoke, mold, mildew and sewage, allowing rooms to be turned around quickly.  It features both an activation cycle and a unique fully automated deactivation cycle.

Other Features:

- Fully automatic activation and deactivation cycles.
- Cycle time 15 minutes to 50 hours with ozone deactivation,up to 72 hours without ozone deactivation
- Control: digital keypad and display
- Free parameter setting of room size and treatment time
- Large wheels for easy rolling;leave no tracks.
- 4" ozone output duct for optional ozone routing to remote ozone room
- works on  Formaldehyde,Benzene,Ammonia,Radon too!

This patented technology quickly achieves a very high concentration of ozone, and then converts the ozone back into pure oxygen which makes it safe to return to the area.

A bold flashing light provides a continuous alert that ozone is being generated. When the light goes off, the odor is gone  -  and so is the ozone.

Ozone can adversely affect indoor plants,and damage materials such as rubber,electrical wire coatings, and fabrics and art work containing susceptible dyes and pigments (U.S. EPA,1996a).