NX 25 Plastic Drum Pump 20/25

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NX 25 Plastic Drum Pump 20/25 with anti-pumping safety strap and swivel No-drip Nozzle, is suitable for dispensing hazardous chemicals for 15 -25L containers. It uses a closed loop system for full safety during dispensing. Approximately 180 ml per stroke. It is made from Polypropylene plastic, with associated properties, making it resistant to many chemicals.

The NX25 drum pump features only 2 moving parts and delivers a low pressure at the nozzle to ensure an even distribution of the liquid is dispensed with ease. The pump gives a continuous flow and dispenses on the up and the down stroke. It is also an ideal AdBlue pump, DEF pump and is EPA compliant.

Uses: Designed for use to dispense hazardous products; various pH cleaning chemicals, chlorine based products, oils and fertilisers, and crop chemicals.

NX Drum Pump 20/25 is suitable for pumping acid, alkaline and chlorine based cleaning chemicals, oils and lubricants. It can also be used for pumping many crop chemicals including those containing mild solvents.
Besides, this drum pump can pump Food products as the materials are all food grade approved materials.

Note: The design of this pump makes it suitable for higher viscosity products, for example, molasses.

If you are unsure about the suitability of the Drum Pump for use with a particular product, please contact ScopeNext Ltd.

Do not use to pump petrol or highly flammable liquids.

Offers 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

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