Rotowash R45B Cylindrical Floor Scrubbing Machine 440mm

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Rotowash R45B Cylindrical Floor Scrubber features integrated electrical spraying unit with accurate water distribution on demand and precise spray jet ahead of the front brush.

Its specially designed brushes can clean any type of floor, be it flat or profiled. The bristles of the brush can reach deep down into the irregularities of floors, such as grouted tiles, studded rubber, entrance matting, escalator steps etc, and yet they are equally effective for scrubbing and buffing flat surfaces such as vinyl, terazzo and wood. On carpets the versatile brushes extract the dirt, lift the pile and leave the carpet clean, well groomed and dry within minutes.
Single-Phase Induction Motor 950W
Brush Speed 650rpm
Cleaning Width 440mm
Solution Capacity 7L
Injection Electric Spray
Brush Pressure 270g/cm2
Weight 32 kg
Length 366mm
Width 545mm
Clearance Height 205mm
Coverage (Hard Floors) 1.275m2/h
Coverage (Carpets) 630m2/h