Rotowash R60 Cylindrical Floor Scrubbing Machine 600mm with Loop Handle

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The R60 Floor Scrubbing Machine with an ergonomic loop handle design, non- electrical water dosage and distribution of the cleaning solution between the brushes.It has a 60cm brush cleaning width, dual pass, scrubber drier capable of generating a high quality clean on all types of hard floors and carpets.

The cleaning solution is fed on to the floor from the clean water tray by lifting the trigger on the handle. The compact size, in confined spaces, makes it light and easy to maneuver under and around obstacles like furniture and fixed equipment.

 Specifications Rotowash R60A Rotowash R60S
 Single Phase Induction Motor, Various
Ratings Available eg 230V 50Hz
 1150W 1150W
 Brush Speed 650rpm 650rpm
 Cleaning Width 600mm 600mm
 Solution Capacity 3 10L
 Injection Gravity Gravity
 Brush Pressure 210g/cm2 210g/cm2
 Weight 33kg 34kg
 Length 366mm 366mm
 Width 705mm 705mm
 Clearance Height 205mm 205mm
 Coverage (Hard Floors) 890m2/h 890m2/h
 Coverage (Carpets) 430m2/h 430m2/h

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