Quantura 10 Single Glass Dishwashing Dose System

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The Quantura 10/10+ Dishwash Dosing System are reliable and efficient single peristaltic pump systems for dosing one chemical of detergent or rinse-aid into glass or under-the-counter dishwashers. Easy installation and configuration together with reliable tube fittings make this system the ideal dosing solution.

- Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
- Quick configuration and set up
- Every pump is pre-wired to reduce installation time
- Wall bracket mounting with integrated spirit level
- Water resistant, durable cover
- Optional conductive probe attachment

It can be used for a wide variety of commercial dishwashers including glass, under-the-counter, single-tank and conveyor dishwashers. Quantura 10 Installation Kit Includes:
- Suction/delivery tubing
- Detergent injector
- Rinse aid injector (with integral non-return valve
- Peristaltic tubing
- Fixings pack

• Timed – Configurable initial & top-up charge durations
• Speed – Configurable pump speed & cycle time
• Probe (conductivity) – Continuous measurement of the chemical concentration and automatic top-up of chemical when needed (only available for Quantura 10+)
• Remote Dose – Manually operated, remote top-up button (only available for Quantura 10+)

• Professional, modern design
• Compact size

• Special Pulsing Technology to achieve super low flow rates
• Water resistant, durable polypropylene enclosure
• High performance polymers offering durability, impact resistance and safety
• Optional conductive probe attachment (for Quantura 10+ only)

• Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
• Quick configuration and set-up

• Every pump is pre-wired to reduce installation time
• Wall bracket mounting with integrated spirit level
• Easy clean, hygienic, robust front cover
• Peristaltic tube compression fittings as standard

Power 100–240VAC, 50/60Hz, Class II
Flow Rates Q10 Detergent flow rate: 10ml/min to 100ml/min
Q10 Rinse aid flow rate: 5ml/min to 50ml/min
Q10+ Detergent flow rate: 15ml/min to 150ml/min
Q10+ Rinse aid flow rate: 7ml/min to 70ml/min
Operating Pressures Detergent: 1 bar
Rinse aid: Up to 1.5 ba
Operating Modes Quantura 10: Time Mode, Speed Mode
Quantura 10+: Time Mode, Speed Mode, Probe Mode

Conductive probe available for Quantura 10+

Control Circuitry Microchip Microprocessor
Squeeze Tube Fittings Standard: Compression fittings; alternative fittings are available on request
(minimum order quantities apply)
Motor 24VDC
Product Standards CE approved
Dimensions and Weight Height: 95mm; Width: 89mm; Depth: 100mm; Weight: 0.5 kg
IP Rating IP55
Warranty 1 Year