Multipurpose Modular Soap Dispenser - Pumice, Liquid Lotion or Foam Soap Dispenser

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Modular Soap Dispensers are simple, neat, practical, easy to operate and to maintain dispensers which act  as a unique, cost effective partner for hygiene with a multitude of variations. These attractive, sleek and stylish dispensers are made out of of robust white ABS plastic, the dispensers suit every hygiene point in environments.

- Suitable for most soaps and lotions on the market
- Fully disposable pump and pouch system available for further hygiene demanding places such as hospitals (institutional system)
- Large front window to check stock levels
- Robust ABS plastic
- Can be exclusive to your chemicals with the option of exclusive pin positions

These dispensers allow to mix and match pumps and containers to fit your needs.  Great for environments such as schools, offices, commercial kitchens, nursing homes, restaurants, light industrial workplaces, motorway services and hospitals.

Select either our Mechanics grade Pumice Hand Soap, our Foaming Soap, or our standard pink and white liquid hand soaps.Available in three sizes: small (400ml), standard (900ml), large (2000ml), to fit the space and usage level of all environment. You can also choose window colour of your choice. Pump and containers are also interchangeable with Mercury Soap Dispensers.

Capacity Small - Refillable reservoir 400 ml
Standard  - Disposable pouch 800 ml | Refillable reservoir 900 ml | Institutional pouch 800 ml
Large | Disposable pouch 1.8 L | Refillable reservoir 2 L
DIMENSIONS (MM) Small (H)190 x (W)90 x (D)98 
Standard (H)250 x (W)115 x (D)115 
Large (H)310 x (W)140 x (D)145

Small 0.3kg
Standard 0.6kg
Large 0.85kg