Mosmatic Duct Cleaner

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Mosmatic Duct Cleaner is an easy to install, clean vent hoods, trash chutes, pipes, totes, manholes and most containers. This self rotating unit is completely maintenance free.

- Easy installation
- Self rotating and stainless steel
- Adjustable and non adjustable versions
- Protection plate available
- Maintenance free
The rotating head spins within the protective cage directing the high pressure spray to your surface. The installation is simple and fast.

TYR *adjustable*
The adjustable arms allow different spray angles. Perfect for horizontal ducts and tanks
TYR *fxed*
The non adjustable arms with fxed spray angle is perfect for vertical chutes.
Pressure 275 bar
Temperature TYR 120°C / TRR 30°C
Inlet See Chart
Body Stainless Steel
RPM TYR 2000 rpm / TRR 1000 rpm
Nozzles 2f/2s for 2x 1/8" Nozzles*
3f/3s for 3x 1/8" Nozzles*
Throughput ph 3 - 12