Mosmatic Roof Cleaner High Pressure Surface Cleaner

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Mosmatic Roof Cleaner High Pressure Surface Cleaner is an industrial quality tool can be used quickly and effciently as the
operator stands safely on the ridge. Security, stability as well as cleaning results are emphasized.

- Height and width adjustable
- Quad bearing swivel
- For professional roof cleaners

This stainless steel surface cleaner will provide optimal performance under harsh conditions. Deck height and wheel width are adjustable giving you an advantage when cleaning different styled roofs.


Height and width adjustable
The DR-520. Width is adjustable up to 90mm and 33mm in height. Will work for most roof designs adding safety and stability.

Safety Eye
Allows you to easily secure the roof cleaner with a safety rope or cable

Pressure Gauge
Use the pressure gauge to monitor your cleaning pressure. This allows you to ensure proper pressure when cleaning a variety of roofng materials.

Ball Valve
Makes it easy and convenient to turn off the flow to the unit.

Rotor Arms
Can withstand up to 275 bar or 500 bar, are precision welded and balanced.
2cw2 (2 Arms / 2 Nozzles / 275 bar)
Part No. 82.942 1/8" (ø 470mm)
Part No. 82.975 1/4" (ø 470mm)

2cw2 (2 Arms / 2 Nozzles / 500 bar)
Part No. 82.941 1/4" (ø 470mm)

Swiss Engineering
High rpm stainless steel swivel features 4x reinforced self lubricated stainless steel ball bearings for improved performance. The dual spring based carbide seal system, guarantees long lasting operation under tough conditions

DYU Swivel (500 bar)
Part No. 59.916

DYT Swivel (350 bar)
Part No. 59.907

Height adjusters long
Add an additional 60 mm height if needed. e.g. for corrugated roofs. Part No. 904.351 (1 pcs) Requires 4 pieces

Pedal switch

For additional safety, Mosmatic recommends you turn your flow on and off using the optional pedal switch.

Pressure 275/500 bar
Temperature 120 degrees Celcius
Inlet M22x1.5-M
G1/4" F