3M Scotch-Brite Clean and Shine Dual Purpose Floor Pads

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3M Scotch-Brite Clean and Shine Floor Pad is a two-sided pad for daily cleaning and dustless polishing. It removes black marks 3 x faster than traditional cleaning pads. It can be used on most coated and uncoated floors including VCT, vinyl, stone, terrazzo, concrete, marble, granite and rubber.

Reduce burnishing - shine increases with each use to reduce or even eliminate the need for burnishing.
Less equipment  - clean and shine in the same step using only a low-speed scrubber.
Less time to clean - removes black marks 3 times faster than traditional cleaning pads.
Fewer Chemicals  - effective with just water.
Replace less often  lasts longer than traditional cleaning pads.
Available from 28cm to 81cm.

Buy Now and create a spotless space for your guest to reflect with our 2-in-1 daily cleaning pad that outshines traditional floor pads.  Effective on floors with either a high or low starting shine.


Shine Increase with each use
- Gloss
- Distinctness of image (reflection clarity)

3 times faster black mark removal than traditional cleaning pads

3m Clean and Shine Performance


- Use with water or neutral cleaner
- Lasts longer than traditional cleaning pads (450,000 sq ft)
- Reduces or eliminates the need for burnishing
- Simplifies floor maintenance processes

3M Clean and Shine Pad Value


Since we are a college, classrooms, restrooms, and student areas are our main priority. This leaves burnishing of floors to fall off a bit and only allowing time to burnish once or twice a year. We were excited to test out the new Clean & Shine Pad and immediately saw tough scuffs disappear within days and a consistent polished shine.” 

Nick Schmidt, I.C.E., Manager
Building Custodial & Support Services
Western Michigan University