Agar Rinse Aid Drying Agent for Dishwashing Machines

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 Agar Rinse Aid is a concentrated rinsing agent to eliminate streaking and spotting on dishware before being washed in a machine. Improves the cleanliness of washed crockery, glasses and cutlery.

It facilitates drying of dishes and glasses in dishwashing machines. Used in the final rinse spray in dishwashing machines.
By reducing the surface tension of the hot rinse water, RINSE AID makes the rinse water run off dishes and cutlery in even "sheets", so that droplets are not left behind to cause spots or slow down the drying stage. Manual towel drying is unnecessary when RINSE AID is used. It is equally effective in soft and hard water.

Environment Care:
RINSE AID conforms with all statutory environment requirements. It is based on safe ingredients selected to perform efficiently so there is no waste or damage. It is non-flammable and phosphate-free. RINSE AID containers will be cleaned and reused if returned.

RINSE AID is injected by the electronic pumping equipment into the final rinse water in the dishwasher. The pump injects a correctly-metered quantity with each rinse cycle. For machines with built-in RINSE AID dispensers, follow the Manufacturers Directions. Volumes in the range of 2 to 5mls per cycle should give excellent results. Performance may be influenced by the temperature of the rinse water, the efficiency of the machine's rinse action, the temperature of the washed articles and the quantity of RINSE AID used.

Safety Data Sheet
Colour Transparent blue liquid
Odour Faint alcohol odour
pH 5-6
Foam Low foaming
Code RIN5, RIN15, RIN20
Sizes 5L, 15L, 20L