Rinse Aids


Cleaners Supermarket® Auto Dishwasher Rinse

Cleaners Supermarket® Auto Dishwasher Rinse is a rinse aid for automatic dishwashing machines. This highly effective formula greatly reduces drying time, preventing any water marks on dishware.

Peerless Dry Mate Liquid Rinse Aid

Dry Mate liquid rinse aid assists with rinsing and prevents soap spots on auto machine washed glassware, crockery, cutlery and utensils.  Created for use in the final rinse cycle of automatic dishwashing machines, assisting in quick streak-free drying.

Dishrinse Machine Rinse Aid 5L

Automatic dish washing rinse aid. Dishrinse is a liquid rinse aid designed as a water dispersant and neutraliser for use in automatic dish washing machines.

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Actichem Spotless Dishwashing Rinse Aid

Actichem's AP220 Spotless high quality rinse aid for use in automatic dishwashing machines in industrial and domestic applications.

Suma Revoflow Clear A11 Machine Rinse Additive 4L

Ultra-concentrated, auto-dosed rinse additive for streak-free, spot-free, fast drying of wares in hard water conditions over 120ppm CaCO3 - controls scale. Use with the Revoflow Dispensing System.
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Suma A5 Rinse Machine Dishwashing Rinse Aid

Concentrated neutral rinse additive for soft to medium hard water conditions.

Suma Crystal A8 Machine Dishwashing Rinse

Acid rinse additive with low foam surfactants for rapid and streak-free drying and foam control in the dishwasher.

Suma Crystal Free A8 Acid Rinse Additive 5L

Acid rinse additive with low foam surfactants for rapid and streak-free drying and foam control in the dishwasher.
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Sun Dishwasher Rinse Aid Crystal Clear 500ml

Reduces rinse water surface tension to promote rapid spot and streak free drying of dishes, trays and utensils. It is suitable for machine rinse.
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Suma Unison Clar A2 Machine Dishwashing Rinse Aid

Ultra-concentrated, neutral acid-based rinse additive for streak spot-free, fast drying of wares. Use this dishwashing rinse aid with UNISON dispensing system.

K2 Super Conc Rinse - Machine Rinse Additive Dishwasher 5L

Super concentrated rinse aid for auto dishwashing machines. It provides rapid drying and streak free finish.
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Jasol Spot Aid Rinse Aid Drying Agent

Jasol Spot Aid, rinse additive for dishwash machines. With the use of hot water it ensures quick drying times. Available in 5L, 10L and 20L.

Jasol Klenzall Rinse Aid Rinse Additive

Jasol Klenzall Rinse Aid a budget friendly rinse additive for dishwashing machines. Available in 20L.

Jasol EC14 Auto Warewashing Rinse Aid - Environmental Choice

Jasol EC14 Warewash Rinse Aid is an environmentally responsible and highly effective rinse additive for use in automatic dishwashers.

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Agar Rinse Aid Drying Agent for Dishwashing Machines

 Agar Rinse Aid is a concentrated rinsing agent to eliminate streaking and spotting on dishware before being washed in a machine. Improves the cleanliness of washed crockery, glasses and cutlery.