Agar Coffee Stain Remover

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Agar Coffee Stain Remover is a  super-powerful 2-part (a and b) peroxide based product for attacking stubborn coffee and red wine stains from carpet and upholstery, and hard floor surfaces.

It can be used on washable fabrics, carpets, wood and stone floors. Pre-test on marble and limestone surfaces before use.
Instant coffee often contains food dyes which leave golden brown stains on fabrics. As they result from brown dyes, such stains can be very persistent and do not respond to normal spotters. In such cases, Coffee Stain Remover should be used to actually attack the brown dye and make it disappear. It is also useful on tea, red wine and food-dye stains. For stains caused by pure, brewed coffee, we recommend that Tannex be used. Safety Data Sheet Part A Safety Data Sheet Part B