Agar Graffiti Wipe-Off Graffiti Remover

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Agar Graffiti Wipe-Off Graffiti Remover quickly removes graffiti from painted surfaces that could be damaged by more aggressive Graffiti Removers. It dissolves felt-pen, ballpoint pen and spray paint from a variety or surfaces excluding varnished material.

- has a controlled action that makes it safer for painted surfaces
- removes ink without smearing
- dissolves inks, crayon, white-out and fresh paint graffiti
- safe on all metals
- Non-toxic, non-DG
Odour-free liquid, will remove graffiti from metal, fibreglass, concrete and carpeted surfaces. Can be used on painted surfaces.

Download Agar Graffiti Wipe-off MSDS and PDS

Colour Transparent Colourless Liquid
Colour Light Solvent Odour
pH Not applicable
Foam Low Foam Height
Sizes 1L, 5L
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