Agar Graffiti Remover

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Agar Graffiti Remover is odour-free, thickened liquid that clings to vertical surfaces. It is effective in removing graffiti from metal, fibreglass, concrete and carpeted surfaces.

Agar Graffiti Remover quickly and thoroughly dissolves aerosol paint, felt-tipped pen ink, ballpoint pen ink and other graffiti from metal, fibreglass, concrete, brickwork and even carpeted surfaces. It is ideal for use in railway carriages, on walls and brickwork, and all other surfaces subjected to graffiti.

Download Agar Graffiti Remover MSDS and PDS

Colour Transparent Colourless Liquid
Odour Low Odour
pH Not applicable
Viscosity Thick Liquid
Sizes 1L, 5L
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