Agar Softie Chlorinated Creamy Cleanser

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Agar Softie Chlorinated Creamy Cleanser with soft polishing abrasives which boost soil removal and leave surfaces crystal clean and shiny.  It kills germs and mould and removes water stains, soap scum and body fats from ceramics, stainless steel, porcelain & enamel surfaces in kitchens & washrooms.


- suspends dirt and soil –dirt wipes away easily
- won't scratch since it has soft abrasives that actually polish surfaces
- is a rich, white cleanser which cleans, disinfects and polishes hard surfaces
- a thick product which 'clings' to vertical surfaces –this gives extended germ-killing time

Agar Softie cleans, sanitises and polishes enamel, stainless steel, laminex, porcelain and chrome surfaces. This creamy cleanser and sanitiser is excellent for shower recesses, sinks, toilet bowls, urinals and all hard surfaces. Not suitable for cleaning shiny plastic surfaces.

- Apply SOFTIE directly to a clean, damp cloth and wipe surface with a polishing action.
- Remove any residue with a clean, damp cloth.
- Always replace cap on bottle.

Storage - Important
SOFTIE should be used within one year of the date of manufacture. It should be stored in a cool place away from direct heat or light to prevent chlorine degradation. Once the bottle has been opened, it should be used within one month.

Environmental Care:
SOFTIE conforms with all statutory environmental requirements. It is based on safe ingredients selected to perform efficiently so there is no waste or damage. SOFTIE is non-flammable and biodegradable. SOFTIE containers will be cleaned and reused if returned to Agar Cleaning Systems Pty Ltd., significantly reducing plastic usage and waste. They can also be recycled.

Download Agar Softie Chlorinated Creamy Cleanser MSDS

COLOUR Thick white creamy liquid
ODOUR Chlorine odour
pH 11.5 +/- 0.5
FOAM Rich stable lather
Sizes: 500mml, and 5L.