Agar Steel Shine Water-based Stainless Steel Polish

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Agar Steel Shine Water-based Stainless Steel Polish has a dry, colour-free finish that cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel, aluminium, copper and bronze surfaces with a deep shine. Steel Shine leaves a very thin protective film which is dry, non-sticky and makes daily cleaning much quicker and easier.

- water-based which is safe to use
- cleans, polishes, and protects metal surfaces
- makes daily cleaning quicker and easier
Great for use on Stainless steel panels around lifts, finger-plates, architraves and handrails to keep them glossy, clean and free of finger-marks and smears by applying a thin film. Available in 1L, and 5L.

Environmental Care:
STEEL SHINE conforms with all statutory environmental requirements. It is based on safe ingredients selected to perform efficiently so there is no waste or damage. It is phosphate-free, solvent-free, non-flammable and water-based. STEEL SHINE containers will be cleaned and reused if returned to Agar Cleaning Systems Pty Ltd., significantly reducing plastic usage and waste. They can also be recycled.
- If the stainless steel is heavily soiled, it should be cleaned with a detergent such as METAL-MAX, NOVADET, HF Detergent or WIPEAWAY.
- Use  STEEL SHINE neat (do not add water). Spray STEEL SHINE onto the metal and spread the product quickly over the whole surface with a cloth, applying it lightly and evenly.
- Allow the area to dry, then buff lightly with a clean, DRY cloth (not the applicator cloth).
- The steel will dry to a rich, glossy shine and will now be protected from fingerprints, staining and marking

pH Level 6.0 +/- 0.5
Sizes 1L and 5L
Colour White Rich Liquid
Odour none