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Agar HF Detergent is a brilliant detergent for hard-to-clean floors and walls. Great in workshops, for road dirt and wall cleaning. It can rapidly lift dirt, oil and grease from painted and metallic surfaces.

HF Detergent is an alkaline solvent cleaner that can be used to restore heavily soiled ceramic tiles, and will remove smoke stains and films from walls. Low-foam version also available. It maybe used in mop buckets, autoscrubbers and steam cleaners, as well as by spray-and-wipe.

For cleaning surfaces with LIGHT SOILAGE – dilute 1 part HF DETERGENT to 60 parts with water
For HEAVY SOILAGE – dilute 1 part HF DETERGENT to 4 parts with water
On vehicles, rinse the HF DETERGENT solution off the paintwork and metal surfaces before it dries out
Apply the HF DETERGENT solution using a spray mop or sponge, and scrub lightly, then rinse off or wipe clean using mop or a clean cloth.

It is suitable for cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, sinks, cupboards, baths, showers, car and truck engine bays, stainless steel, glass and porcelain.  HF DETERGENT is great for cleaning painted surfaces in preparation for re-painting.

Download Agar HF Detergent MSDS

Colour Transparent Flourescent Red-Orange Liquid
Odour Slight Solvent Odour
pH 12-13
Foam Medium foam of low stability
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