Agar Citra-mist Spray and Wipe Cleaner

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Agar Citra-mist Spray and Wipe Cleaner is an environmentally preferred, phosphate-free, highly effective and fast-working spray and wipe cleaner which dissolves and removes soilage from all hard surfaces. Made using organic, renewable ingredients.

Features and Benefits:
    Great value for money; can dilute to 1 in 20
    Highly effective spray & wipe cleaner that gets the job done faster.
    Leading edge environmentally preferable formula
    Very safe to work with: Non-toxic, non corrosive, contains no skin sensitisers and contains no carcinogens.
    Awarded Good Environmental Choice Licence
It is a fast-working spray and wipe cleaner excellent for cleaning all types of walls, table tops, benches, doors, Laminex, painted surfaces, vinyl and all other washable surfaces. The pleasant perfume is intentionally mild to prevent irritation and maintain good indoor air quality.  With a spray and a wipe, CITRA-MIST will remove soil in one pass with no residues of ‘films’ being left on the surface.


WEAR GLOVES : as with any other cleaning product, even those that are neutral, gloves must always be worn where ongoing skin contact is possible.
- Dilute 1 part CITRA-MIST with from 5 to 20 parts warm water, depending on soilage. Use the specially printed Agar dispenser bottle to measure out the solution. (Note: CITRA-MIST is suitable for use with an Agar dispensing system.)

- Spray onto the surface being cleaned, spread and wipe off with a damp cloth or sponge.

- Rinse out the cloth or sponge regularly in clean, warm water.

Download Agar Citra-Mist Spray and Wipe Cleaner MSDS

Perfume Lemon
Sizes 1L,  5L, 20L
pH Level 10.0 +/- 0.5