Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Household Flea Spray 200g

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Sundew Flea Control Deodorizing Flea Spray is the best and most effective way of treating your home from fleas on carpets and pet bedding. It's got that sweet lavender scent that is not only safe for your pets and family but also deodorizes your home in the process.

Fast acting:
2 hours - killed 90%
4 hours - killed 100%
Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Flea Spray takes your worries of fleas infesting your pets away. The product does well in killing fleas before they even touch a strand of your pet's fur. With that, you can enjoy cuddling and play with your dogs and cats without worrying about sharing fleas and pet odors within the family.

Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Flea Spray is available in vanilla and lavender fragrances.
The Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Flea Spray features:
- Quick action formula treatment is done by simply spraying unto carpet, pet bedding, and furnishings
- Ensures up to 30 days of flea control
- Safe and highly effective to kill fleas and flea larvae
- Combines imidacloprid with a room fragrance like vanilla and lavender in an easy to use aerosol that deodorizes your house
- Fast acting, kills 90% of fleas in 2 hours and eradicates all of them in 4 hours
- Safe for pets and the family; does not cause mutations or cancer, fetal malformations or any other reproductive defects in animals does not lead reactions from repeated use and does not increase skin's susceptibility to sun damage.
- Treatment is a registered veterinary medicine recommended and proven by veterinarians to be safe and effective
How This Flea Treatment Works?

Fleas spend most of their time in your house or yard and only around 10% of their time actually on your dog, cat or pet. This is why Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Spray is administered to pet bedding, furniture and carpets and not to your companion animal, making it safe and highly effective.
1. Simply shake the aerosol can and spray lightly onto pet bedding, furniture and carpets
2. The adult flea and larvae absorbs imidacloprid during simple contact and dies shortly after
3. Your house and pet are safe from fleas for up to 30 days following application and your home is left lightly fragranced.
Download Sundew Flea Control Deodorising Flea Spray Label

Active Constituent 0.25 g/kg Imidacloprid