Pest Control and Insecticide Supplies: Professionals or Homes

There are just too many insects that bug the hell out of you, and we know exactly how you feel! That's why we provide the best and most effective pest control solutions for all your pesky pest problems. With our pest control supplies, you can say goodbye to bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, beetles, and roaches immediately. We have the safest and most efficient organic pest control for homes or professionals. Rest assured that you will get rid of those tiny menaces in no time using our top quality products.

We have a wide range collection of pest control supplies in different types including insect solutions using natural pyrethrum, flycatcher system, and aerosol products. We also have insecticide, termite treatment, rodent control, ant control, cockroach control, and termite protection for industrial, commercial, and domestic needs. Our products guarantee absolutely effective and immediate results after they are set up. We also have traps and other traditional ways of protecting your clothes and important documents from the clutches of moths and silverfish.

You can definitely enjoy a bug-free environment indoors and outdoors with our high quality and safe pest control products. When all other methods you have used have failed, our products will live up to their standards and do the job in the safest and most effective way possible. Our extensive line of pest control supplies are tested, durable, and trusted by professionals to control pests faster, easier, and more effective. Our products are perfect for homeowners, businesses, governments, and all other types of establishments that need protection from pests.

Hovex Pantry Moth Trap

Hovex Pantry Moth Trap is a non-toxic, powerful effective trap that attracts and captures pantry moths in your kitchen, cupboard and pantry.

Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer 500g

Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer effectively control ants, fleas and bed bugs. It is suitable for use on floors, in cupboards, both indoors & outdoors.

Hovex Ultra Low Odour Termite Concentrate 1L

Hovex Ultra Low Odour Termite Concentrate is an effective, strong, simple solution for killing termites and other insects around the home.

Hovex Termite Defender 2L

Hovex Termite Defender is a ready to use timber preservative and fungicide, for pre treatment and remedial treatment of timber against wood borers, termites, mould, algae and fungi.

Yates Liquid Weed N Feed 4L Hose-On

Yates Liquid Weed N Feed 4L Hose-On is easy to apply, and selectively kills the most common broadleaf weeds including bindii, clover, dandelions and thistles.

Hovex 3-in-1 Outdoor Indoor Garden Surface Spray 2L

Hovex 3 in 1 Outdoor, Indoor and Garden Surface Spray is specially formulated to kill pest on direct spray, and it has residual effect on sprayed plants or surfaces around the house. 1L covers approximately 20 sq meter.