Battleaxe PRO Roach Bait Gel 20g and 24 Pestie Dotz

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Get rid of roaches like a pro with the unbeaten tandem of BattleaxePRO Roach Bait Gel & Pestie Dotz. Both products work hand in hand to effectively lure and eradicate pesky cockroaches of all sizes.

The Battleaxe PRO Roach Gel features:
- A highly attractive and effective bait matrix which utilizes a number of proprietary ingredients
- Has a pale non-offensive off-white color unlike the tradition brown baits disdained by users and end customers
- Effective for cockroach species
- Kills massive number of roaches in shorter time
- Recommend using with Pestie Dotz for accurate monitoring and bait size placement

Pestie Dotz features:
- Uses hundreds of miniature suction caps
- Tough polymer construction to prevent losing moisture to surfaces
- Aids in applying the right bait size
- Has a fluorescent locator ring to be easily attached even in dark places
- Gel baits can be easily removed with its no-glue technology
- Monitors bait consumption
These two products are designed for crevice, crack or spot treatment for the control of cockroaches.

Battleaxe Pro Cockroach Bait Gel can be deployed readily to conquer territories from the dirty legs of cockroaches. Its gel bait covers a wide range of area using its powerful active broad-spectrum chemical fipronil. The appetizing smell of this product lures small and large insects alike, falling into their ultimate demise.
BattleaxePRO Roach Gel is best partnered with Pestie Dotz, a platform where cockroach gel baits are applied. This product allows the gel baits to be attached and removed to flat and smooth surfaces without leaving any traces when detached.

Download Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait Gel LABEL, MSDS
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