Agar Dirt-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser

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Agar Dirt-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser rips through the toughest dirt, mud, oil, grease, hardened fats and grime. It is an ultimate all round heavy-duty detergent/degreaser for instantly removing all kinds of industrial dirt.

Key Features:
- ultimate all-round HD detergent
- One product to do it all
- Has a pleasant perfume
- Can be used on wide variety of surfaces to remove most soils
- Spray bottles are in production
- reduces the amount of scrubbing required
- Competes against Research’s Crossfire however this is cheaper than Crossfire

It is a pleasantly-perfumed degreaser for use with mops, autoscrubbers, steam cleaners and pressure washers. Ideal for cleaning floors, walls, pavements, equipment, paintwork, machinery, kitchen surfaces, vehicles, trains and signs.

How does Dirt-Off Work?
Dirt-Off is an alkaline water-based solvent cleaner suitable for use on all washable surfaces.
This concentrated detergent:
-  Rapidly loosens dirt, fat and soot allowing it to be washed away
- Is very versatile and excels in a variety of cleaning tasks
Note: Do not use Dirt-Off on water-based paintwork or painted surfaces that are in bad condition.

Instructions for Use:

- For cleaning surfaces with LIGHT SOILAGE – dilute 1 part Dirt-Off to 80 parts with water.
- For HEAVY KITCHEN FAT REMOVAL – Use Dirt-Off neat. This is ideal for cleaning ovens, BBQ’s, walls, dirty
paintwork and machinery.
- For general HEAVY-DUTY CLEANING – Dilute Dirt-Off to 1 in 20.
-  For spray-wipe cleaning, MEDIUM SOILAGE – dilute to 1 in 30.
- For scrubbing floors, dilute 1 part Dirt-Off to 80 parts with water.
-  Apply the Dirt-Off solution using a spray, mop or sponge, and scrub lightly, then rinse off or wipe clean
using a mop or a clean cloth. Dirt-Off can also be used in an autoscrubber.
- For pressure washing, dilute to 1 in 120.

 Refer to SDS for safety directions.

Colour Transparent Orange Liquid
Odour Sweet Perfume
pH 11 – 12 (at 1:60), 12-13 (neat)
Foam Medium Foam