Fairy All In One Auto Dishwash Tablets

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Fairy All In One Auto Dishwash Tablets have a first time cleaning action and clean dried-on grease. It is specially formulated for dishwashers, with a combination of liquid and powder in one capsule.

It comes in an ultra-soluble pouch which dissolves much faster than hard pressed tablets.

To use, simply place in the dishwasher. Available in original and lemon scent with different pack sizes.

10 Cleaning Functions:

1. Powerful cleaning action.
2. Liquid grease dissolvers.
3. Tough stain removal.
4. Super shine function.
5. Fast dissolution.
6. No need to unwrap.
7. Silver protection.
8. Limescale prevention.
9. Salt action.
10. Rinse Aid action. Plus Short Cycle Cleaning Action.

1 capsule = 1 load. Place a capsule into dispenser drawer and close immediately. Handle with dry hands only. Do not unwrap or puncture
the capsule. Reseal the bag after each use.

For best results use the dispenser drawer. If the pouch will not fit in the drawer place on top of the cutlery basket and select a washing program with no pre-wash.