Actichem Oxyboost Plus Oxygenated Additive for Stain Removal & Whitening

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Actichem’s Oxyboost Plus is a super concentrate, oxidising compound designed for use as both an additive to cleaning solutions and a stand-alone product. It provides powerful oxidising activity to cleaning solutions with particular application in fire restoration, stain removal and deodorising.

The ready-to-use solution of Oxyboost Plus yields an alkaline solution and therefore provides unique solutions for both hard and soft surface cleaning applications where the oxidising ability of Hydrogen Peroxide is limited.

Where to Use?

Excellent for use when cleaning polypropylene carpets, ceiling cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug fringes and browning removal.


Stain Removal – OxyBoost Plus provides powerful stain removal action especially on tannin and colour stains such as fanta, cordial, grass stains, blood and many other organic stains.
Cleaning Booster – The addition of Oxy Boost Plus to your cleaning solution significantly enhances the cleaning results as it’s oxidising and destaining power removes many soils which would have been left behind.
Brightens Colours – OxyBoost Plus will enhance and brighten the colours of fabrics and carpets and overcomes dullness and greying.
Fibre Safe – OxyBoost Plus is safe for use on all synthetic and most delicate fibres and fabrics including coloured fabrics.
User Friendly – low odour formula – pleasant to use.