Actichem Deozyme Enzyme Digester & Odour Neutraliser

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Actichem Deozyme Enzyme Digester & Odour Neutraliser is formulated with four active enzymes to treat odours in hard-to-reach places. It is highly effective in eliminating the stench from human wastes, spoiled foods, and decaying matter.


- Disaster restoration
- Urine odour removal
- Organic waste areas

Actichem Deozyme leaves clean, sanitary scent wherever it is used.
Recommended applications:
- highly effective on most water cleanable surfaces including synthetic materials, wood, concrete, stone, tiles and grout.
- ideal for use on all wool and synthetic fibres. However, pretesting is recommended especially on delicate fibres to ensure dye and fibre stability and possible sensitivity to chemicals.

- Professional odour neutralising technology - This patented formula works by odour-pairing
on a molecular level.
- Wide application - Instantly eliminates the stench of decaying matter, necrotic tissue, sewage
and human / animal remains.
- Sophisticated enzyme chemistry - Powerful quad-enzyme action digests organic odour
- Aerial odour control - Neutralises air-borne mal odours
- Surface odour control - Neutralises odours trapped in fabrics, carpet, wood and porous
- Fresh residual scent - Deodorises the area with a fresh floral scent

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Observe all safety
directions and read the MSDS before use.

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Deozyme is safe when used as directed.
Use of hot water, bleach, and chlorinated products may kill the active bacteria in this product
although they will not affect its odour counteracting properties. Do not mix Deozyme with any other


Add 30-60ml per litre of water (1:16 to 1:32) depending on soil conditions.

For heavy soil conditions, up to 100ml per litre can be added. If used on sensitive surfaces,
always pre-test for substrate chemical sensitivity

1.  Apply the solution to a workable area using a sprayer, sponge or scrubber machine. Do not allow solution to dry onto the surface.
2. Agitate and allow 30 minutes dwell time. Keep moist with solution
3. Rinse the surface thoroughly using clean water. A high pressure or wet extraction washing system, will provide effective results.
4.  A 1:100 Deozyme solution can be  left as residual on resilient surfaces for further odour removal
and re-odorizing activity

Download Actichem Deozyme MSDS

Appearance Clear Liquid
Odour Floral
Safety Irritant
Colour Light Tan
pH 7.5 RTU
Packaging 5L and 20L