Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner

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Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner cleans, beautifies, deodorises and protects your carpet.  For use in all deep cleaning hot water extraction carpet cleaners.

- Made in Australia
- Biodegradable formula
- Suitable for all wool, cotton, nylon and most synthetic carpets and rugs
- Can be used in most hot water extraction machines

Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner NOW with SpotGuard® Stain Repellent to protect your carpets against stains and spills long after it has been cleaned.
Available in 1L and 2L bottles.


When used according to the directions:

I Lt bottle, Cleans approx 60m² (approx 3 average sized rooms)
2 Lt bottle, Cleans approx 120m² (approx 6 average sized rooms)

For each 1 litre of carpet cleaner, you will also need 1 x 500ml bottle of Britex Defoamer.  Britex Defoamer is used in the recovery tank of the Britex machine to prevent sud and foam build up and allows for optimum vacuum efficiency.

How to Use Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner:

Before use

Test for colourfastness with properly diluted solution in an inconspicuous area before you begin.
This product is not recommended for use on non-colourfast materials.
For difficult or stubborn stains, for best results pre-treat the area with Britex Spot n Stain remover.

Dosage Directions

Shake bottle gently before use.  Pour 3 capfuls of Britex Carpet Cleaner and 9 Litres of hot tap water into Tank B of the Britex machine.  Then pour 2 capfuls of Britex Defoamer into Tank A. 

For complete machine instructions refer to our Support Page and How to Video guides.


Do not use Un-diluted.  Use only as directed, wash hands after use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.   Whilst our cleaning products are generally well tolerated, Britex are aware some individuals are sensitive to cleaning solutions; therefore we recommend discontinuing use if irritation occurs.

Download Britex Deep Cleaning Carpet Cleaner MSDS