Wave 3D Urinal Screen

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Wave 3D Urinal Screen is the ultimate splash reducing urinal screen combined with the patented technology of a 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer available due to its two sided design.


- Freshens urinals and restrooms for 30 days
-  2-Sided anti-splash design ensures correct installation… every time!
-  Reduces splash and cleaning time with its hexagon post & lattice technology eliminates 99% of urine splash.
- The patented Wave contains more than twice the actives as 'lookalike' screens
- Eliminates odors - Releases billions of optimized bacteria that consume mal-odors in the urinal.
- Complies with the VOC requirements
- #1 Recommended by the manufacturer of Waterless Urinals.
- Reminds you when it's time to replace the screen.

For those looking to keep the urinals at work fresh, Wave 3D Urinal Screen is your solution! Available in 6 fragrances.

The Wave 3D patented urinal screen releases more than twice the active ingredients as look-alike screens. It works over 30 days to keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh. It doesn't just mask but releases optimized bacteria that consume odors.

The revolutionary design features a post and lattice design extending through the screen and diffuses the urine stream releasing a pleasant fragrance.

It reminds you when to change it, you simply pull off the week and month tabs to set your reminder.